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This short story-driven puzzle game made in RPG Maker VX Ace features two colorful characters, Starboy and Envy, stuck in a much less colorful dungeon-esque environment and permanently separated by a gap between their respective sides of the room. The normalcy of the dungeon is suddenly turned upside-down when the two discover colored tiles in some of the rooms that have some odd effects on the environment. They constantly proceed in the hopes of reaching a state that's better than the one in which they have become so used to living.

There are two endings, a bad ending and a true ending, the true ending leaving a little more up to the interpretation of the player.


As for assets, almost everything used in the game was a visually edited version of something that already exists in the RPG Maker. Most of the visual edits were color-based with some minor line tweaks to the character sprites, as I had a very particular aesthetic I was going for. The face images for the characters are original. All sounds are original except for the sound made when an item is picked up and the sounds that occur when interacting with doors.


This was made for a 48 hour game jam, myself being the sole contributor. I actually lost a lot of sleep on this one, since I started almost completely from scratch, but once the theme of "Inversion" was announced, I got this idea and just had to go with it.


Fair warning! The bad ending is kinda dark, and the good ending is difficult to get. Not impossible, but difficult.


Still working things out, so feedback and comments are appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

Published Feb 13, 2017
Made withRPG Maker
TagsColorful, inversion, RPG Maker, Short, Story Rich

Install instructions

Download the executable, run it, then start Game.exe in the new folder.


The Distance Between.exe 302 MB