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Bugs fixed! More updates to come. Most future updates will most likely be almost purely aesthetic.


If you thought i'd ever be done making story-driven rpg maker puzzle games, you're sorely mistaken. This was a bigger project than the stuff I normally do, so the whole thing actually wasn't made over a span of two days (shocker, right?). This one was made for a week long jam, so I had a bit more time to work things out, and there's a bunch more to this game than there was to the other ones I've shared here. First of all, this one has a much more clear and present story. There is a lot more interaction between characters and a lot more character development. There are a few more homemade audio tracks. And there are a lot more homemade visual assets. Puzzles have more variety, and it's not a game based entirely around a singular mechanic.

Also unlike my other projects, this was not something I made completely by myself. Any visual assets not standard with RPG Maker VX Ace were drawn by Kraft, and the dialogue was written out by TaigaRose, both friends of mine who I really really appreciate the help from with this project.


As per norm, please leave feedback about gameplay, bugs, etc. in the comments. And a side note, if anyone at all knows how to export RPG Maker games to anything other than .exe files, I'd love to know. I do want people with Mac and Linux machines to be able to play the games I make at some point...

Install instructions

Run the .exe, extract to a folder you'll find, open the game's folder once done extracting, run Game.exe


Forget Me by Morning 1.3.exe 372 MB

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