A downloadable game

Up to four players. Play time trial, or go head to head. Select two tracks, only one of which can be active at a time (the inactive track being your sidetrack). Switch between tracks mid-race to get as much out of your power as you can to conquer the track.

Made for a week-long SGDC game jam. Not a finalized project by any means, more like a working demo of something much bigger I've planned on making for a while now. Thanks for playing! Feedback and comments appreciated!

All assets are original.

Install instructions

Extract that .zip and run the executable.


SideTrack1.2.zip 7 MB


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are you interested in feedback?

Sure, though if you plan to mention anything that doesn't have to do with gameplay, I'm very much aware that keyboard support does not function and that there might be some bugs or finicky inputs. This is definitely a work in progress, and what I've got here now is fairly close to a bare minimum of what I'd like this game to be.