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Update! Minor bug fix 9/26 @ 1:00 am, major fix @11:30 am


First off, thanks for playing :D

And in case anyone outside the club happens to play it, this game was made almost in whole over a span of two days for an event, so dont expect The Witch's House or anything super polished. It's still pretty rough, and there's a lot more I could do with it, but this is what I came up with in the time frame. Also brace for potential bugs. I think i got all of them, but you always THINK you got all of them.

All you have to do to run the game is download the .exe, run it, extract all the files to the same folder, and then run game.exe :

So on to info about the game!


What did I use that I didn't make?

RPG Maker VX Ace, for starters.

It's the engine the game was built in. That comes with a decent amount of tiles, a handy event widget, and some nice little sprites (plus all the tools to manage that stuff).

Most of the tiles used are in the engine, as well as the clock ticking BGS


What did I use that I already had?

I used two maps that I had made previously. Those being the original bedroom map and the final puzzle. Fun fact, this whole game was based on the concept for the final puzzle -w-

I had made the basis for the event system, all the moving stuff, but hadn't quite refined it.

I also had the ending and closing songs just laying around. I had made them for previous projects, and I felt they fit.


What did I make during the two day span?

everything else.

All the custom tiles (which includes everything in the ending screen and most of the things in the warp maps as well as the ceiling and wall tiles that you could actually walk under)

Custom tilesets, because some things I wanted in the tilesets weren't there, so I had to photo-shop them in :P

Events scripting in the RPG Maker. Timer stuff. Endings. I could write a paragraph but im too lazy/tired.

Custom sprites & face graphics. Nothing complicated, had to recolor the character sprites and draw in hair on the face graphic.

Map design. I didn't import/copy any maps other than the two I had previously made.

That cute little flute soundtrack toward the end.


So yeah, thanks again, and enjoy :D

Install instructions

Download the .exe, extract to one folder, and run game.exe in said folder :)


The Clockmaker.exe 263 MB

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